Love, Sex, Relationships, And Early Addiction Recovery

This presents several problems. These both refer to the act of sex for nothing more than the enjoyment of the act. This type of passion lasts varying lengths of time, depending on the individual. We will begin with describing Love.

William Berry has worked in the field of addiction for over 15 years. This affects their perception of what attributes they are bringing to the relationship bargaining table. He has worked in nearly every form of addiction treatment available, including detoxification, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient. One example of this is evident in the dynamics of the alcoholic home. And as a final thought in regard to answering these questions, does someone in early recovery have the capacity to be entirely honest with themselves, when not that long ago they were convincing themselves they needed another fix, drink, hit, etc. In early recovery you may not have a healthy understanding of what love is yet.

4. If they do not feel very good about themselves, or if their belief that they feel good about themselves is instead a defense mechanism, they will not expect much in return for what they bring.

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So if you accept this bargaining component of relationships as true, you may wonder why it is a problem. Any time that we behave in a manner that goes against our values / mores we experience guilt. This growth raises self-esteem, and if one entered a relationship early in recovery, they will now realize that they can do better. There may likely be an absence of passion.

Even if it does not go against any morals or values that one may possess, it may likely be a behavior that was engaged in during active addiction. Romantic in the sense it is being used here refers to experiencing feelings of attraction, infatuation, closeness, or what the individual considers love. The workbook is being revised for mass publication. Many believe in a soul mate that is waiting for them, and that fate can step in at any moment anywhere and deliver their soul mate to them. Often feelings develop despite the belief that they never would.


2. It is usually referred to as an emotion and has also been described as a behavior. The woman in this example knows she is very attractive and values financial security.

This example is simplified although it exists. After all, it exists whether in early recovery or not. But is also lends credence to the importance of unconscious influence on attraction.

10. I observe this other person’s behavior and relate it to my ideal. The questions “is it possible this attraction is due to unconscious complexes or addictive behavior?” or “what contributes to my attraction to this person?” needs to be asked and strongly considered. Combining the points of the triangle result in the types of love.

Another problem that is in line with this is that during the first year of recovery a great deal of growth should occur. If one is unsure of who they are, how can they know what they will want in a relationship? If they do not know who they are they cannot truly love themselves. The first is that they are not looking for or getting much in the bargain for a partner. Additionally, even if both grow, and both of the partner’s self-esteem is raised, it is likely they will grow apart.

5. Many people in addiction recovery (and out of it) then end up going from one Romantic Love relationship to another, and wondering why they cannot find True Love.

9. There is a strong likelihood of outgrowing the relationship quickly.

The family hero and scapegoat role is usually attracted to a dependent personality, such as a Lost Child or Mascot role. Falling short of my expectations they cannot be the ideal, and often the search for my real soul mate begins again. There is too much potential for underlying issues, projections, and complexes to be creating the attraction.

Wm. If they do not love themselves how can they love a partner?

Another aspect of relationships is the bargaining process. This is evidence of the impact socialization has on attraction. Relationship in the sense we are using it refers to ongoing or regular contact between an individual or individuals who are experiencing these feelings. He obtained a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from FIU. This is what most partners experience in the beginning of a relationship, and it is usually energizing and exciting.

Consummate Love is when all three components, intimacy, passion, and commitment are combined together. A projection is an internal ideal, thought process, or state that is attributed to another person. Because of the high prevalence of sexual abuse among addicts, and the nature of sharing on a personal level in the 12 step programs and groups, this is a very real and serious risk. And even if an individual was not promiscuous in their addiction, behaving with an “I want what I want when I want it attitude” remains an addictive behavior. This is what many relationships become after time. Relationships increase the potential for relapse due to emotional intensity.

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A final consideration in regard to relationships in early recovery is that those in early recovery rarely know who they really are and often battle with this concept. In itself this is not an issue. The power of early experiences and the formation of memory cannot be underestimated. The partners are comfortable with one another, have an extensive history together, know each other well, and are committed to the relationship. This is where the saying “I love you, but I’m not in love with you any more” comes from. Although most of us would like to believe we could have casual sex with no guilt or remorse, this is often not the case. This is the result of getting swept up in passion and committing to a long-term commitment without really knowing the person.

8. Berry ©2008

A great deal of addicts in early recovery, when told it is ill advised that they enter a relationship, ask the question, Well what about sex? Usually they are referring to what is commonly called buddy sex or sport sex. This article will describe some of the reasons that romantic relationships are detrimental to early recovery and some of the pitfalls that await those who attempt them. This is not an external event, but an internal one. Guilt can have a detrimental effect on immediate recovery and on self-esteem.


Having all three Passion or Infatuation combined with Commitment results in Fatuous Love. Berry is well read in the areas of addiction recovery, psychology, and Eastern philosophy. Both are accurate. Mr. In other words, I know what I want and need my ideal mate to be, and I place these attributes and qualities into another individual. Each person entering a relationship is aware of the attributes that they bring to the table. These can include attractiveness, financial security, a quality of sweetness, intelligence, being a giving person, being attentive, considerate, good in bed, etc. Relationships take the focus off of recovery.

The first is that many people, let alone addicts in early recovery, have difficulty separating sex and intimacy. Although this seems cut and dry and mostly harmless if two consenting adults are involved, there are a few complications that at least should be considered.

Another consideration regarding relationships is the impact of socialization on what we find attractive. To begin buddy sex may just be a symptom of diseased thinking, and could prove very detrimental.

7. If I do not recognize that there is a projection (and rarely is a projection identified) I then believe I have found my soul mate. The three components to these types of love can be thought of in terms of the points of a triangle to better illustrate.

3. William continues to be creative in his career to keep the passion for what he does alive.

Many people project qualities of their ideal mate onto the person that they are getting to know, and then confuse this with having found their soul mate. Casual sex often goes against the morals and values that one was taught and may continue to carry. The man knows he brings financial well being and security and values an attractive trophy for a partner. He has worked with all types of clientele, from the inner city in Philadelphia, to the high functioning substance abusers of the South Florida area. Similarly, the daughter of an alcoholic often ends up married to an alcoholic. We will concern ourselves only with love between partners. Knowing what attributes’ one brings to the table, the individual wants a comparable partner. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Florida International University, conducting a social psychology course entitled “The Psychology of Drugs and Drug abuse,” and at Nova Southeastern University, conducting courses in Substance Abuse and the Family, and Interpersonal Communication. Later, when I know the person better, they begin to fall short of my expectations and ideals. This pattern of disappointment will continue until an individual realizes the reality of projection, and does not give in to the fantasy that they have found their soul mate.

Another consideration is casual sex’s effect on self-esteem. It arises because the bargaining aspect occurs while in early recovery.

Perhaps it is best to start with a definition of a romantic relationship.

Most people believe in a spiritual or magical aspect that causes them to fall in love, and enter into a relationship. Often the daughter of a father who was abusive to the mother will end up in a relationship with a man who is abusive, even if there was no indication of him being abusive when they meet. This does not mean that individuals necessarily want someone exactly as attractive, nice financially secure, etc., as we are. There is love for a child, parent, sibling, friend, and lover. Until these issues or complexes are sufficiently resolved, individuals run the risk of falling victim to them and ending up in bad relationships.

Unfortunately, many people confuse infatuation or passion with love. The actual bargaining process is more complicated due to the amount of aspects to consider, but the example exemplifies the issue.

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In light of these considerations on the topic of early recovery and relationships, everyone in early recovery considering entering a relationship has reason for concern. Of course, it is unrealistic to expect that the overwhelming passion present at the beginning of many relationships will continue forever. Low self-esteem and the bargaining process of relationships make early recovery a tenuous time to enter a relationship.

Love is a difficult concept to define. The words that follow are not attempts to de-mystify love and relationships, but are simply to keep individuals from falling victim to other aspects that can appear to be mystical.

Addicts do not enter recovery with healthy self-esteem. All of these examples illustrate the power of the unconscious on attraction. Relationships take the focus off of the individual.. Berry has over 12 years experience conducting group and individual therapy. In light of advice to the contrary, if you decide to enter a relationship, you are working your own program. Since addiction and promiscuity often go hand in hand, having casual sex would tap into this addictive behavior and could be a trigger. According to social psychologist Robert Sternberg there are four types of love in relation to partners. In early recovery you do not really know yourself yet.

Intimacy combined with Commitment results in Companionate Love. This article will discuss some of the reasoning behind the often-proposed suggestion “no relationships for the first year.”

1. After a period of time together, and as the passion naturally cools, they find themselves falling out of love. In an excellent book entitled “A General Theory of Love” Lewis, Amini, and Lannon (2000) discuss the how early experiences and the formation of memory affects attraction. Recently William has developed seminars for reducing the risk of teenage substance related problems and for anger management. They are:

The Family Hero- who gives the family something to be proud of by excelling at school or sports.

The Scapegoat- who acts out to detract from the tension in the family.

The Lost Child- who provides no trouble for the family be being largely absent and self contained.

The Mascot or Clown- who provides comic relief to reduce tension in the family.

Along these lines is the tendency of those that have been sexually abused to sexualize intimacy. Nearly everyone agrees that there are different types of love, as expressed to different people. This occurs when a friendship develops, secrets are shared, and a sexual attraction becomes apparent even though none had existed prior to the friendship getting closer. Without spending an inordinate amount of time on typical family roles in an addicted family, there are generally four besides the addict and the codependent. The problem arises not due to the bargaining aspect alone. One way that self-esteem can be raised is by delaying gratification, and making decisions that will make you feel better in the long run. For example, how many very attractive women have you seen with men who are financially secure. What it means is that we want an equal or better bargain in line with what we value. Most consummate relationships have passion that comes and goes and varies in intensity.

The three components of love are Intimacy, which can be described as getting to know the person and liking what you know, Passion, which is defined as infatuation and a strong desire to be close, and Commitment, for which I believe most readers know the definition. This also occurs in homes where there has been abuse. This is self-will, and this is an addictive behavior.

As many people in recovery have probably heard, (and often ignored or debated) it is detrimental to early recovery to become involved in romantic relationships. If you experience the emotion love it goes to reason that you would behave accordingly. No emotional involvement, no commitment, no strings. Statistically, most people marry within their own race, religion, socioeconomic status, and culture. There is a strong possibility of the individual in early recovery acting on, “I want what I want when I want it.”



Family dynamics in early childhood also affect what we look for or are attracted to in a mate. Mr. He has also developed a workbook for the outpatient program for which is director. Not engaging in sport or buddy sex may be an example of this.

Reasons Relationships in Early Recovery are Ill Advised

Intimacy combined with Passion results in Romantic Love. He has been a Certified Addiction Professional since 1996

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Casino Stories – My First Experience At Craps

I was thrilled. The seated employee sort of acts like he is running the game. Both of those being extremely unlikely and I knew I would wind up somewhere in between.

On the green surface about 8 inches towards the center of the table from the rim are two painted strips a couple inches apart that run almost entirely around the table that sort of looks like a race track. The fellow with the stick pushed the dice to the a man a couple people away on my left and he threw them to the other end of the table. I had seen, however, that if a player had to throw the dice more than once to reach a decision, some players put additional chips on the table directly behind their original bet on the racetrack. I realized that this could go on and on and it did go on and on.

I knew, however, that the percentages were the best in craps (barring perhaps baccarat which I truly didn’t understand). “Six – the point is six” said the man with the stick and waited for a moment while there was another flurry of players putting more chips on the table. I decided I liked the game. They bounced around and came up a total of twelve. I picked up my chips. That player picked them up and threw them. Two of the remaining three handle most of the confusing bets and the third employee has a stick in his hand that they use to push the dice to a player prior to the player rolling them. “Seven, a loser,” the fellow with the stick said and the employees scraped almost all the chips off the table and started stacking them on their side. I think they were betting that a six would show up again on the dice total before a seven but not being sure I didn’t do anything but watch. I had a total of $110 in chips and was tired of standing there. I’d been played about ½ and hour and had won $10.

I’d always been a little intimidated by most table games in a casino. Most of the individual players have placed chips on that race track.

Big stacks of chips are placed on the green felt in front of the one employee who is seated. A few players had winning bets – they had bet expecting a seven before the player had success rolling the number he was striving for. Each time I lost the dice would be moved to the next player in a sequence that was going clockwise around the table. If I found a craps game where I could bet a minimum bet of $5 and there were 5 or so players at the table, I could expect about 40 decisions about win or lose every hour. Instead of rolling the number he wanted,or an inconsequential number that would have been a neutral occurrence, he had rolled a seven. Three of the four employees are on the casino side of the table and the employee with the stick is on the public side.

I decided to try the game.

At the end of the table away from me, a man puts some $20 bills on the table and an employee takes them, counts them, and gives him a stack of chips. Soon I realized that the dice went to the next player only when a seven was thrown and was a loser.

He handed it to the seated employee who entered something on a computer terminal beside him and flipped the card so it landing in front of me. “Do you have a players card,” he asked as I picked up the chips and put them in the groove like I’d seen done. “Seven – a winner – pay the line” said the fellow with the stick and one of the employees put another chip on the table beside the one I had placed on the racetrack. On that green is printed a confusing array of numbers and squares and ovals. They take in the money when a loser occurs and pay out the money when a winner occurs.

Then I waited until there was a flurry of activity in the removal of chips from the table and I placed a chip in front of me on the racetrack. They pushed the dice back to the player to my left and he threw them.

Never having played craps before, I was nervous as I approached the table. I’d lost my $5 winnings. So, I usually played blackjack or video poker. The word “pass” is printed in the open part of the track. That’s not good.

Although it was an intimidating environment, I decided to use the percentages that I knew about. “Twelve – a loser” said the man and took my chip. The man puts the chips in a groove in the top rim of the table and watches the proceedings. I put another chip down, satisfied that I’d thrown the dice properly and now that I lost I could just watch and bet for a while. I decided that I should investigate that extra payoff and perhaps make additional bets next time I decided I want to play craps.. He pushed the dice to me, expecting me to pick them up and throw them again. I wasn’t sure what he meant but put my chips on the table and he counted them and gave me a black chip worth $100 and two $5 chips. I’m strictly a recreational player in a casino and am willing to lose a few dollars in order to have a good time. I didn’t quite understand but I threw them and continued the game. When their bet was a winner, they would receive varying amounts in return dependent upon the total on the dice and the true odds of that happening. I watched for a bit before I stepped up to the table. The fellow with the stick pushed the dice to the player on the left of the player that had just thrown them. I’d won $5.

I took a deep breath and dug $100 out of my billfold and laid it on the table. The game of craps is played on a bathtub looking table that is about 10 feet long and 4 feet across. I figured if I lost every bet in an hour, I’d lose $200 and if I won every bet, I’d win $200. Most of the players put a new groups of chips on the race track area of the table. Then I realized that even though I was armed with the percentages and knew that a total of four would occur 8% of the time on the initial roll and that it would repeat before a losing seven 33% of the time, I hadn’t used that knowledge at all. Suddenly, one of the employees says “seven out”. I continued to just watch for a few minutes and hear such things as “four – a winner pay the line” and begin to understand a little of what was going on.

After a while I looked at the groove in front of me and counted my chips. I watched the others and most everyone picked their extra chip up and put it in the groove so I did the same thing. There are four employees working at the table, running the game and watching what is going on. Occasionally I would venture into a live poker room.

Contented, I wandered into the casino, watching people having fun.

After winning or losing, I continued to put out a new chip or pick up the chip the casino paid me. “Nine – the point is nine”, the fellow with the stick said. That way, for an hour’s activity I would lose a couple dollars on the average (40 decisions at $5 would be $200 bet and a loss of 1.6% would be $3.60). “Good luck, Don” he said.

This was easy and still a little intimidating. The idea of a return of 98.4% without any mental strain sounded like more fun than striving to get just over 100% at blackjack by counting cards.

Very quickly, the dice were returned to the fellow that had thrown a total of 7 on the dice and he threw them again. I could stand that if I could learn more about the game. “Let me color those up for you” said one of the employees on the casino side of the table. The surface of the table is about 18 inches below a rim and is covered in a green felt material. No one paid any attention to me. Card games were not as difficult for me as others because card playing thrived in my family. I did and handed it to him so he could track my betting activity while I was at the table.

I put out another chip. When they were pushed to me, I’d seen it happen often enough that I picked them up and threw them to the other end of the table. The employees scraped most of the chips off the table and stack them in front of the seated man. The employee that was on my end of the table beside the seated man spread the twenties out and counted them a couple times and pushes a stack of red $5 chips towards me

Nevada Gambling Regulators Sign off on Olympic Betting

Burnett said those conversations will be happening before the Olympics start.

Gamblers feeling especially good about runner Usain Bolt’s chances for another gold medal in the 100 meter race more than a year in advance, for one, could already begin wagering through William Hill race and sports books throughout the state.

For the regulators, it’s bigger than simply a new revenue stream for sports books, Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Tony Alamo said.

There was Olympic betting in Las Vegas before, in the 1990s, he said, but that was also before the event’s team sports took on a more professional membership. “Those are going to be some of your top events,” he said of basketball and hockey, among others.

Come summer 2016, when the best of the best athletes climb podiums wearing gold, silver and bronze medals, Las Vegas gamblers could very well be counting their green.

The change has, “legitimized us in front of the whole world,” he said after the meeting. Will the United States or China win the most gold medals? Will Serena Williams win the women’s singles tennis gold medal? William Hill had so far focused its wagers on track and field, soccer, basketball, golf and tennis.

To draw a distinction between judged events at the Olympics and sporting events like boxing or the Ultimate Fighting Championship that are already wagered on in the state “would be hypocritical,” he said.

Johnny Avello, the longtime odds-maker and sports book director for Wynn Las Vegas, said he hasn’t paid too much attention to Olympic events for a while, but will now.

It was a move unopposed by anyone in the industry and cheered by the regulators themselves. Burnett, to decide if it’s OK or not. Regulators said they essentially had the blessing of the International Olympics Committee, which had also partnered with Nevada regulators ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to share information on Olympic betting to protect against illegal wagering.

“Believe it or not, this curling is becoming popular,” he said of the winter sport involving ice and brooms. The operator of more than 100 sports books in Nevada and a mobile betting app released its odds as soon as the vote was official. International sports books in Great Britain, Ireland and Australia and offshore Internet sites already allow such bets.

Some of the most watched events, though, are judged — often subjectively — in the cases of figure skating and gymnastics, and include young competitors.

Barry Lieberman, the lawyer representing South Point hotel and casino who started the push for Olympic wagering a few months ago, said he doesn’t want betting on children’s events like the Little League World Series, he said. But what about gymnastics where the majority of competitors might be teenagers?

But it’ll be up to the chairman of Nevada’s Gaming Control Board through, currently A.G. “You could put a future on that.”

“We bet on horse racing, and there are 16-year-old apprentice jockeys running,” he said.

With the new regulation, it’s up to the sports books to decide what they want to offer wagers on.

Nevada gambling regulators voted Thursday to allow the state’s sports books to offer bets on the Olympics for the first time in years.

Casino-Gaming :: Responsible Wagering Suggestions

Using accountable betting guidelines, gaming services try to strike an equilibrium between pleasurable and addictive attitude towards casino games, taking into account not only the requirements the business but the players and indirectly, for the community.

o Decrease of interpersonal and family connections. The rules will then be applied throughout the Northern territory. For some Australians, testing one’s luck is really a healthy activity. Without control, an individual can turn out to be enslaved by gaming, creating significant impact on his own budget and social interaction. Assistance is going to be wanted to people who could be susceptible to addiction. These types of accountable gambling codes are adopted by numerous gambling facilities to dampen the problems that gambling can cause to consumers.

o Guide patients by using support and relevant information regarding responsible gambling.

Quest Declaration for responsible betting

An engaged force in developing the principles for liable gambling is However, enjoyable things also can bring about disadvantages. The challenge occurs when the participant loses management particularly with their frequency from the betting facility along with the amount of cash they will commit per game. Implementing the guidelines vary based on different situations and operational trends within the industry.

o help visitors to remember and accustomed to the final results of the gambling practice;

o minimize the potential for loss of wagering within the community;

Australia is incredibly keen about gambling and it’s also embedded deep within their culture. Addiction could cause anybody to invest more hours looking to regain their cash rather than to hang out with family and friends.


o Economic loss because of excessive a disorganized dealing with of income. Only individuals aged 18 and up can register and wager around the various games you can find at

Together with the continuous efforts to attenuate the negative effects of betting, the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice was developed and also the gaming industry, the co-operation has resulted to the Northern Territory Responsible Gambling code of Practice.

One important facet of this signal of carry out is setting up specifications for customer support to be able to preserve accountable playing habits. These kinds of craving has several negative effects:

o Work problems and performance concerns. For that reason, playing is innately an unbiased activity which could either cause advantages but in addition cause disadvantages.. Consequently, codes or guidelines for accountable betting were produced. The movement generally aims to: can be a proponent of responsible gambling using a strict policy against minors gambling online or via telephone. Mental and physical absence may be damaging to your personal career.

Customer Support on Gaming craving

Betting is really a fun and lucrative type of leisure for any large number of people. Going beyond their means could cause lots of issues after the day.

The movement’s proponent,, aims to provide a option to incite a socially responsible environment for wagering in several sporting and racing events

Super Bowl 2015: Odds move overnight with late Seattle money

The NFC champion Seahawks remain small underdogs at a few spots, including online sportsbook Bovada, which has the defending Super Bowl champions +1.5 after sitting at +2 for most of the last two weeks.

Others such as Bet365 of the UK slid from -1 to PK. In eight of the past nine years, the winner of the big game has covered the point spread anyway, so there is a very good chance that will happen again here regardless of the closing number.

New England was listed as a consensus 1-point favorite for Super Bowl XLIX prior to Saturday after Seattle opened as chalk for the second year in a row only to see the public side with the AFC champion Patriots in early betting. It remains the best line for Seahawk bettors.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports. Bovada had the biggest spread at -2 for the Patriots, but it moved a half point to -1.5. The previous five all lost the game and failed to cover the spread.

The Wynn sportsbook in Las Vegas also still had New England at -1 on Saturday after moving them as high as -1.5 earlier in the week. The Golden Nugget in Vegas had Seattle at -1 for about six hours Saturday before dropping back down to Pick’em.

Two big questions remain: Where will the closing number land for bettors, and will it be the Patriots or the Seahawks holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the end? No Super Bowl in history has ever kicked off as a pick’em, and just two have seen the line close at less than two points.

On the eve of Super Bowl Sunday, bettors began pushing more money behind the Seattle Seahawks, moving the spread to a pick’em on the betting board at some sportsbooks and forcing other books to adjust their lines lower. Others held the line at -1 for the Patriots, with some books expecting a surge of late Seattle money coming today.

However, while the Patriots are three-time Super Bowl champions, the team has gone just 1-5-1 against the spread in seven previous appearances.

“A ton of Seattle money moving things,” said Kevin Bradley, sportsbook manager at

Therefore, it appears to be a solid bet that there will not be a favorite or underdog when Super Bowl XLIX finally kicks off. If the Seahawks close as dogs, they will be the sixth team to do so while playing in a second consecutive Super Bowl

How to get rich betting the Belmont Stakes in 2014 – Newark Sports

The record trifecta in the Belmont Stakes paid $25,209, for each $2 winning ticket that had the right numbers of 12-8-5 in 2002.

The superfecta is a relatively new bet at race tracks where you must pick the first four horses in the race in exact order to win. I included 2008 twice because two horses dead-heated for third place, creating two different winning sets of numbers.. Bet the Trifecta

Before I get to those great betting opportunities, anyone betting on the 2014 Belmont Stakes should understand that every dollar bet on the race is a gamble. There will be hundreds of millions of dollars wagered on the 2014 Belmont Stakes, and you want to figure out a way to get a nice piece of that big money by betting relatively small sums of money.

I am happy to say that I bet $10 to win on Da’Tara and cashed a very nice $395 win ticket in the 2008 Belmont. I even wrote an article on why he would win the Triple Crown, which had to do with him being a winning fresh horse based upon my own layoff statistics.

In 1962, a horse named Sherluck paid $132.10 for the second highest win price when Carry Back failed in his Triple Crown bid in the Belmont. In 2002, when Sarava won at big odds and War Emblem failed, the superfecta paid a Belmont Stakes record of $145,334.00 for each winning $2 bet that had the right numbers of 12-8-5-11.

Fortunately, the 2014 Belmont Derby offers a number of ways to possibly get rich by betting small amounts of money this year. Bet the Superfecta

The odds of anyone getting rich by betting on the Belmont Stakes are small, but it is certainly possible. If he fails to win, some other horse is going to pay well to win, and might just pay a bonanza if he is a big longshot.

There have been seven times in Belmont Stakes history when the trifecta paid over $3,000 for each winning $2 bet. Virtually every one of those 11 horses went off at low odds in the Belmont, and they all lost.

I did bet $5 on I’ll Have Another to win the Triple Crown in 2012, and would have won a bundle had he won only to watch him scratched before the Belmont after he had won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Nothing is guaranteed in a horse race.

How to get rich betting the Belmont Stakes in 2014

Birdstone paid $74 to win when he won the Belmont in 2004, when Smarty Jones failed in his Triple Crown bid. Bet against California Chrome

2. I did not like Big Brown that year and thought Da’Tara could wire the field, and he did at big odds.

Good luck to everyone betting the 2014 Belmont Stakes. It’s far more possible for someone to get rich betting the Belmont Stakes in 2014 than it was for anyone to win $1 billion by picking all the games right in the 2014 NCAA Tournament (no one came close).

To win a trifecta bet you have to have the first three finishers in the race in exact order. That includes 2011 ($74,052), 2008 ($48,637), 2008 ($47,309), 2005 ($14,249), 2004 ($11,679), and 2010 ($10,658). In 2002, a horse named Sarava won the Belmont Stakes and paid a Belmont Stakes record $142.50 for each $2 winning bet when War Emblem, who had won both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, failed in his Triple Crown bid at low odds.

Since Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978, there have been 11 horses that won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness but failed to win the Belmont. California Chrome will be great if he wins the Triple Crown in 2014.

That means other horses in the race paid big money. California Chrome is going to be very heavily bet in the 2014 Belmont Stakes to win. It’s easier to win than a superfecta and therefore usually pays less, but it still offers you a pretty good chance to win a lot of money by betting a little.

To get rich from betting on the 2014 Belmont Stakes, you have to figure out a way to win a lot of money by betting relatively small amounts of money. That’s because California Chrome is trying to win the Triple Crown this year, and his presence in the race is going to possibly create some great betting opportunities.

Since 2002, seven of the 12 Belmont Stakes races had superfectas that paid over $10,000 for each winning $2 bet. The following is a list of ideas for bettors to follow to possibly get rich by betting on the Belmont Stakes in 2014. That is especially true if California Chrome does not win the race.

The other big trifecta payouts were in 1993 ($18,677), 2011 ($8,268), 1999 ($5,343), 2008 ($3,954), 2008 ($3,703 – second payout due to dead-heat for show), and 1990 ($3,077).

Those same layoff stats do not favor California Chrome coming into the Belmont in 2014, but great horses, like great human athletes, can overcome all statistics. The Belmont Stakes will take place on Saturday, June 7, 2014.

Betting the superfecta is the best way to win a lot of money betting small amounts of money in the 2014 Belmont Stakes. In 2008, Da’Tara won and paid $79.00 when Big Brown failed at low odds in his Triple Crown bid in the Belmont.

1. And good luck to California Chrome, I would love to see him win the Triple Crown this year, but I am not betting on it.


Advantages Of Playing In An Online Casino

The primary advantage will be that you can play these games from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection with a computer or a laptop. The interesting thing is that you can also play these games from your mobile phones.

If you are just new to the casino world, you might not be sure of how to proceed with the games and it might be risky to start with real money right away. Therefore, even if you are going to be tempted to play beyond your bankroll limit, the software will not permit you; however, you will still have the access rights to change your bankroll limitations over again. This facility is very important and useful for problem gamblers.

Good online casino sites provide you with tutorial material on how to use the software.

If you were to get in to a brick and motor casino without knowing anything about the casino games, you are likely to feel shy and helpless out there; however, under the same circumstances when you are in an online casino, then you are sure to find some real good help without disturbing your co-players from the tutorials available there. You can read through them at any hour in the day and get yourself acquainted with the nuances of the game.

Though it might sound too easy, the sooner you enter a room in an online casino you might not be sure of how to start and where to start.

By: Eden Katz

Another major advantage with online casinos is that you will spend less on drinks and food since you will be playing from your home or office. Online casinos are inexpensive in that you do not spend for fuel to travel until there and you do not impulsively purchase food and drinks; however, if you should really be a profitable player, learn the tricks and nuances, otherwise fun can become terrifying when you loose lots of your money. This is one of the major advantages of online casinos.

For more information on Online Casino gambling and other advantages to online casino gambling check out

Online casinos provide you with more than normal number of advantages. You can start your journey in an online casino by taking a look in to the free practice area where you will be permitted to play for free with fake money.

Article Directory: o In an online casino, you have the option of getting trained and also you will be enjoying the benefit of getting a sign up bonus for joining a site.

o Apart from that, you will also be getting a number of bonuses and reward points for playing more, which you will very rarely find in land based casinos.

o Land based casinos provide you with tips and ideas to play within your bankroll by providing you with expert bankroll management ideas, but online casinos more often than not stresses the importance of money management.

o In some of the online casinos you can also request the site to not permit you to play beyond certain bankrolls. They also provide you with guidelines about the rules of the games, tips, strategies etcetera

Gaming – InfoBarrel

In the case of The Sims 3, it can be played either in a computer or PS3 console. The thought of outwitting their counterparts is what drives any online gamer to succeed. These games involve taking on the role of a character in the game and controlling the choices of the character while working with their strengths and weaknesses.

Offline Gaming

Offline gaming began in the year 1970. But for you to fully appreciate online gaming, you should be aware of the technical aspects to secure a spot in what they call the elite circle of online gamers.

Are you interested in playing games or in gambling? In real world, offline or online?

Offline gaming is a cool way to fill in time and enjoy, especially when you cannot go online. As a member, you may avail of discounts on games for sale, get the freebies given to its member, and the opportunity to meet and play with other online games enthusiasts worldwide. A lot of games are now being introduced to the public. Here, online gamers met and have formed virtual camaraderie through the game preferences they had. And for these reasons, this is where offline gaming comes into play. Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interaction. Time, distance and nationality are defied in the so-called growing cyber world that gathers online gamers. Almost every aspect of human interest turned out to be very accessible. By the year 1990, its popularity has hit the highest point, but eventually dropped since the market did not expand quickly as what was expected. One significant development has something to do with the way games are being played. The classification made by Wikipedia goes like this:

The Sims 3

Need for Speed: Shift

The Orange Box

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Starcraft 2

These games require a PC or laptop, but an Internet connection is not needed. In addition, such games are fairly simple to finish off, so gamers are not at all pressured to play for more hours.

- Role-playing games (RPG) – These types of games can be played either in electronic format such as on a computer or video game console, some of them even being online like World of Warcraft, or they can be played as a tabletop game like White Wolf or Shadowrun. That is why more and more IT experts are religiously developing new games or simply improving the current prevailing games since there is a huge public clamor for such.

Online Gaming

Information technology has certainly made a big impact to humankind. Additionally, games for offline gaming are either skill-based or story-based, with the former as the more difficult as it needs your experience and skillfulness in order to play and finish the game.

To play online, you must register first to be qualified and enjoy the benefits of various online gamers club. While games for offline gaming are still available and loved by some people, the majority already prefers the online games at present.

- Dexterity/coordination games


- Board games: Monopoly, Go, Scrabble, Chess, The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Maharaja, Backgammon, Taj Mahal, Mine a million, Torres, Lost Cities , Speachless, Logo board games, Masterpiece, Buzzle, Highlanders, History of the World, The Game of Life, Dominion, LifeStyle The Financial Planning Game

- Pencil and paper games

Playing Games

“A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. It has gained its popularity which led to the existence of arcades. Many games help develop practical skills, serve as a form of exercise, or otherwise perform an educational, simulational, or psychological role. From simple to complex, intellectual to sports related and the highly dynamic violent games, name it and you have a long list of choices.

- Card games: Poker, Baccarat, Canasta – to name just the most popular and well known

- Simulation âEUR” Games of this type are extensions of childhood games where children pretend being in adult roles such as doctor, parent or fireman. Games generally involve mental or physical stimulation, and often both. Today these games are primarily electronic and cover a diversity of imaginary contexts that the modern computers try to recreate as a form of virtual reality.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia © 2001-2010 (

There are many different types of games. But more than the prize being offered, online gamers are interested on the title for each competition. Attested as early as 2600 BC, games are a universal part of human experience and present in all cultures.” (

- Sports âEUR” here is a list with the most popular sports games: Football, Soccer, Baseball, BasketBall, Hockey, Rugby, Volleyball, Pool Games, Water Games, Cricket, Boxing, Wrestling, Golf, Shooting, Horse Racing, Car Games, Driving Games, Cycling, Bowling, Dodge ball Games, Fishing , Hunting, Ice Skating, Olympics Games, Parking Games, Skateboard, Snowboarding, Surfing Games, Winter Games.

These games are available online and the best part of it is that you can now play with people from all over the world. Furthermore, there are times when people would simply want to relax and play a game without having to deal with the other players. They are really popular in both real and online world.

One reason why online gaming is such a major success is because of the competition being held on a particular game every now and then in which fabulous prizes are at stake. Some are old games that are just modified to fit with the modern times while some are totally new. Knowing the trend in online gaming, it is expected that there’s more to come in the future that’s completely exciting. Watch out for that.. Even with the numerous online games available, offline gaming is still going to exist and probably preferred by some.

- Business games

There are a number of popular games for offline gaming as:


- Guessing games

- Dice games: Backgammon , Dice Chess, Ship, Captain, and Crew (or Six Five Four), Shoot the Moons, Strat-O-Matic

Gambling involves activities like casinos, sports books, poker, video poker, craps, black jack, roulette, slot machines, lottery and skill games âEUR” just to name a few.

- Tabletop games

- Domino and tile games

- Video games

With offline gaming, the usual games could last around 20 to 100 game play hours